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February 3rd 2012
Published: February 3rd 2012
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So, just over 48 hours since we left Sunny Scunny, leaving behind our new 'on hold home' aka our 10ft x 8ft container and we've spent our first day in 'South America's most electrifying city'.........Buenos Aires

To say we were knackered when we finally hit our hostel in the early hours of this morning is an understatement...It's a good job I remembered to switch off the alarm from the previous morning or we'd have been woken up again 30 mins after we'd fallen asleep!!! 23.5 hours on the move..... Nice......

So, bit of a lie in today but obviously up intime for breakie and glad we were.... Best meal of the day!Highlight being the dulce leche or caramel spread for our bread.... Yum Yum!!

Staying in the Montserrat District, which is great for giving you the flexibility to walk to all Buenas Aires's hot spots, San Telmo-where we'll be heading Sunday for the Antiques Fair to see the locals Tango, Recoleta where all the posh people used to live until their homes became embassies.....Palermo, where all the lovely gardens are- our planned destination for tomorrow am if we get up early enough......

Hostel is ok, quite quiet but the staff are really helpful and speak amazing English...Good job really as they speak Spanish or should i say castellano (latin american spanish) over here faster than anything you've ever heard before ....we're booked in for our first Spanish Lesson tomorrow - Much needed....along with our complimentary Tango Lesson...... Wait with baited breath for the pics..... 😊

So today we hit the city tour to gather our bairings... Only us on the bus which was fab and Adryana humoured me by letting me practise a bit of Spanish with her.... Apparently the only way you learn......

Great day easy 40 degrees and I have the strap marks to prove it lol!! So tonight imagine this...... 2 hours of rain that flooded the hostel and half the city... So much so it made top story on News at 10......crazy stuff..... Lightning storm to go with it and thunder as loud as that sonic boom over Grimsby the other week :D!

So you're all updated for now..... Jon's snoring his head off next to me so I'll say good night and I do so hope there are no bed bugs to bite

Michelle x x x


5th February 2012

Oye, suena como que te estás divirtiendo, con ganas de más actualizaciones
6th February 2012

Your little Irish Toast xx
Me again! left a message on your guestbook then realised this was the way to do it! Me and technology eh?! some things never change! hope you are having lots of fun! clearly too much to update you blog in 3 days!! keep me posted ...and stay off them banana daquiries Mich!!! love u loads xxxx

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