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December 27th 2005
Published: December 27th 2005
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Navigates his way around the world then gets lost in a backyard blog!....I found the problem!...I backdated that blog "The Pear-shaped Puzzle" and its back in the pack at 2nd Dec. Ooops.
But thanks to all the responses...its sort of gratifying to know there are so many of you still folowing the trail.
But for those of you saving it for some verification later, well, that's another story...I mean some of these things have actually happened, some have happened to others, some have happened in my head.....some might have happened...I don't think any of them have maliciously not happened.....and over time some may happen in the only aim is to try and paint the picture of whats going thru' my hhead at any given point of time ..and hope you an share the vision...its not for everyone all the time!..

More soon on the fabulousness of Buenos really is a wonderful place.....Chau


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