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November 28th 2015
Published: November 28th 2015
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As you may have heard, general elections just took place in Argentina. Two rounds were needed to elect a new president - in the first round Scioli won with a small difference. Too small, due to which second elections were needed that were won by Macri who will now become the new leader of Argentina. Scioli came from the 'Kirchner team' (also 'Peron team') and would've continued the current policy for the most part. Macri is for change. We'll see. One thing is obvious, this country needs change. Extremely high inflation (people change USD in the street, as you get a better rate than in a bank), high unemployment, high poverty, poor infrastructure, etc. However, even given all this, we still love the place! Another interesting thing about the elections was that from 20:00 the evening before the elections until 21:00 the day of the elections, it was forbidden to buy alcohol. Anywhere. In stores as well as in cafe's/restaurants. How weird is that? Luckily, we were prepared.

Last Monday, we finally went to see a polo match. Two to be exact, as apparently we bought tickets for a whole day with two matches. We had no idea, but were happy about it when we realised it, as it's great fun. Mostly because of the actual game - it's exciting, the animals are beautiful, the cooperation between horse and rider is amazing and the players are all very courteous to each other. Secondly, many of the Porteno jet set was present, which is interesting to watch (especially the many sugar daddies with their arm candy and the older, pumped up women). All in all, we had a great time!

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2nd December 2015

Cool!!! =] I heard the most conservative side won the elections... funny how we hear so opposite opinions about the same thing in politics.. BTW, loved the blue drink's kombi

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