Eureka! Buenos Aires at last!

Published: May 7th 2011
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So, why "Eureka"? because it as so flippin' tortuous to get here, that's why! (writes Cathy, still on this same obstreperous keyboard, where what is shown on the keys bears no relation to what happens when you hit it).

So we expected to fly out of Santiago at 9.15am, and ordered an alarm call at 5.30 to enable us to pack. The call - of course - came at 4.30am, so that really got us excited. The transport was early, adding to the hassle factor, and when we finally got to the airport there was no sign of our flight. Turned out it had been cancelled a month earlier!!!! How would our pre-arranged transfer ever find us? how would we get into BA? We eventually got on a flight at 1pm (and bear in mind that on this leg we had no access to the lounges, hence no access to T'interweb to take up the time - much aggravation and bewailing our fate all round).

Still, we did eventually get to BA - to find that our courier had worked it all out and was waiting for us when we arrived. What a relief! Not chatty like the wonderful Bernardo in Santiago, but he got us to our very nice hotel in the centre of downtown BA in very short order.

Unfortunately, I had by then come down with a chill and sore throat, which ws a bit of a downer. Still, a couple of paracetamol and a doze left me ready for a nice steak dinner - which we did find, together with v nice bottle of wine (Malbec, a major wine variety here in Argentina).

More later ...


8th May 2011

hi guys
Love the updates, sitting here in my little sittingroom in Leigh picturing you two on the funicular (I love them too, almost as much as the word itself). All well here, Bell and I have been out and about exploring the countryside - Windsor, Stonehenge, Chartwell - weather still great, well, for this Canadian it is. I do note that my fellow dog walkers are jacketed and even gloved as I stride by in my shorts. You may have lost the grinder and iron C - Caroline visited last week (from Barleylands) and offered me 300 for the lot which is very attractive. Do you mind??? Have a blast, tie your pants to the mast vb
8th May 2011

Reply to Veronica
I find I'm always dressed differently from the natives - they're trussed up in furry boots and scarves and heavy coats here! Glad to hear that you're making the most of your time in England - you put me to shame, I'm sure I haven't been to nearly as many places as you. V embarassing. No problem at all about the stained glass kit - sounds like you have a great offer there, so please snatch it up at once! See you soon Cathy x

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