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November 22nd 2007
Published: November 22nd 2007
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Lisa & two of the Cork LadsLisa & two of the Cork LadsLisa & two of the Cork Lads

See, more posers than me...
I know it is still Thursday but when you read this it will be Friday. I absolutely cannot believe I only arrived on Monday. I feel that I have done so much and met so many people in only four days. The weather continues to be totally gorgeous, I have had steak four times (could almost turn into a cow... oh I can hear the smart alecs from here - I´m one already right?) here and it really is all it is cracked up to me - totally melt in the mouth.
Met up with a lovely girl from Wisconsin, Tara on Tuesday night. She is also on her own, she got here last week so was way more savvy than me. I joined her Spanish school and I´m loving it. I was silly enough to think it would be a piece of cake to pick up the basis... boy was I wrong. I provide the entertainment in my crap pronunciations, ah well, I´m used to being the clown.
Met an Irish couple last night that my parents know friends of friends of (?) - great craic and a very, very late night. 5am... and the taxi broke down on my
See the bottle of vodka??See the bottle of vodka??See the bottle of vodka??

This was given to Eoin & I when we ordered a vodka each... My fault, I poured conservatively thinking we had to drink it all. It was taken back from us after one drink... oh boy have I learned my lesson! (Eoin & Jason in photo)
way home... poor guy was pushing it and lazy sod me stayed in the back seat. Anyway he flagged me down another one and I happily waved adios. Had some head on me at the class this morning. After class Tara and I went for a three hour lunch on the water... was pure heaven, the nicest tapas, steak and wine. Sorry but I´m guessing you might be worried that I´m not eating properly so giving you lots of details (yes I´m a bitch!).
Staying in tonight as Í´m so shattered and looking forward to time with my iPod. Have classes again in the morning and then going touring Palermo in the afternoon. Probably another long lunch in the sunshine then back to get ready for big night on the town. Forget the name of the bar but it is famous! Met lovely Cork guys last night and going to see a soccer game with them on Sunday. They are also meeting up with us tomorrow. Everyone is so friendly. The Argentine guys are so polite - seriously I got three business cards last night to call or email if I ever need help - Now don´t be cynical and think they are after one thing, they were just being nice. Anyway don´t worry, I won´t be using the numbers!
Going to Mendoza on Tuesday for five or six days - its wine country and it is also great for hiking and skydiving. Woohoo! Tara is coming with me and we booked into a lovely hotel with swimming pool - twenty euro each per night, bargain!
Can´t think of anything else but I´m sure I´ve forgotten lots. Hope all is well with you. Lx


26th November 2007

Monday Blues
Lisa come back........we miss your monday morning cheer :-(

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