So Long and Thanks For All The Jish

Published: May 26th 2007
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Holy round the world trip, Batman, it looks as if our time abroad has finally come to an end! I don't know about you but for us it feels like just a few weeks ago that we packed our bags and flew off to Japan on the first leg of our epic adventure. One year and 14 countries later, it's time to go back to England again.

If it weren't for seeing friends and family, I guarantee there's no way you would get either of us near that plane today - we just want to keep on going. I guess we need a bit of a cash injection though so heading back will have some advantages but we've well and truly got the travelbug and I'm sure it won't be long till we can afford to break free of the 9-5 routine once again.

We've not been completely idle on our last couple of days here n Buenos Aires. The day before yesterday, we went over to the Cemetario de Recoleta to see where Eva Peron (Evita) was buried. It's kind of a ritual for all visitors to the city and the cemetary was indeed a beautiful if sombre place to visit. In fact, the crypts and mausoleums were so grand and ornate, it felt like being in a mini city of churches with stone spires and guardian angels hogging the skyline. This was in complete contrast to the surrounding high rise apartment blocks that reminded us that we were still firmly entrenched in the 21st century and not the 19th! I'll post photos at a later date - just don't have the time now. After the cemetary, we headed to the plush cinema in Recoleta to see Spiderman 3. Even though this was a posh cinema compared to others we looked at in the city, the tickets still only cost 16 Pesos each (about £2.50). Get the feeling we really pay over the odds in the UK?

Yesterday was my birthday but it was a complete non-event. The night before, the entire hostel decided to have a party but didn't think to invite us. The music and chatter went on until gone 4am and it didn't help that a group of Korean guys decided to have a barbecue right outside our room which went on until 5am. Needless to say, we didn't get any sleep all night so we were just too tired to do anything at all on my birthday. I was so angry and upset at breakfast that I cried to the day guy on reception, Hernan, and he was so apologetic for our last day having been ruined that we had one night's accomodation costs knocked off the bill. It still doesn't make up for the massively shit way to finish off our travels but I guess there's not much else he could do by then.

We fly home today with Iberia going via Madrid but don't actually arrive in the UK until tomorrow afternoon. Then it's a case of not one but 2 National Express buses to get us to Birmingham via London, which worked out at £18 instead of the £55 to go directly. Crazy. So, I guess the next time you hear from us, we'll be back in Birmingham with Glynn's folks. If you need contact info for us, please drop us a message and I'll get in touch as soon as.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned as we will undoubtedly be travelling again very soon and I'll be updating the blog with news as it happens. Ok then, time to go. See you in England!!


27th May 2007

See You Soon!
Hi there - sorry to hear about the bad birthday experience. I'm sure some sustitute event can be arranged in the not too distant future. Hope the last leg of this long journey is a good one. Looking forward to seeing you both soon!
27th May 2007

hey worldtravellers
hope you came home safe in the uk meanwhile! ? give me or papa a short note please :-) i'm sorry for that your journey is over....don't be sad but lucky and happy - you experienced soo much - no doubt, I'm gonna miss your explorer's news..anyway, will see again soon - freu mich sehr!! have a good start in the uk! welcome back in "the old world" (bush)...there are also good things to go for ! :-) alles liebe von deiner schwester und dir lieber schwager(glynn) auch :-) esther

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