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Priest 'on duty' at Jvari  

Priest 'on duty' at Jvari

Georgia, the Land of Food and Wine beckons

June 13th 2018
Our land border crossing from Azerbaijan into Georgia was pretty streamlined, with the exception of the 500 metres or so uphill climb through their no-man's-land with our bulky suitcases. Similar to Azerbaijan, Georgia is situated at the junction of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, and shares borders with many countries, including the Russian republics of Chechnya and North Ossetia to the north an ... read more
Asia » Georgia

Georgian Flag The region of present-day Georgia contained the ancient kingdoms of Colchis and Kartli-Iberia. The area came under Roman influence in the first centuries AD and Christianity became the state religion in the 330s. Domination by Persians, Arabs, and Tu... ... read more
28th June 2018

Nice shot.

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