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February 15th 2018
ÔÇťAbove all else we wish that the name of South Georgia will forever represent an icy paradise, a place where nature is still mostly robust and the way of life of millions of birds ,and seals goes on almost unaltered by the peripheral presence of humans. A clean, pure spring of icy water in our collective consciousness, a soothing, refreshing balm amid the upheavals wrought upon the earth. A spec ... read more
South America » South Georgia

 Flag The islands lie approximately 1,000 km east of the Falkland Islands and have been under British administration since 1908, except for a brief period in 1982 when Argentina occupied them. Grytviken, on South Georgia, was a 19th and early 20th century ... ... read more
19th February 2018

South Georgia
When John Milton wrote "Paradise Lost" he obviously had not ventured to South Georgia, Dave...had not been washing machined and hung out to dry riding the wild storms of the Southern Atlantic like you. 'Cos if he had been as brave or mad as you he would have renamed his poem...and put some of your stunning pics to enjoy it by.
20th February 2018

Paradise Found
I think John Milton would have titled his book 'Paradise Found' if he'd been to SG. A truly epic wildlife spectacle! We definitely had our share of rough sea days on this voyage though.

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