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Nice Scenery  

Nice Scenery

Along the El Alerzal trail.
South Along Ruta 40

February 9th 2007
Southward to Patagonia, that was where I was headed. To Patagonia, the desolate, wind-swept, wide open expanses, the dusty, isolated towns, the endless sky stretching to the horizon in every direction and some of the worlds most dramatic mountain scenery - It is a place I have wanted to explore since I was very young. My exploration of Patagonia started when I arrived in the lovely town of Bar ... read more
South America » Argentina » Chubut

Argentine Flag Following independence from Spain in 1816, Argentina experienced periods of internal political conflict between conservatives and liberals and between civilian and military factions. After World War II, a long period of Peronist authoritarian rule an... ... read more
29th October 2010

Really mind blowing
Truly touch my heart. I comments from green country- my Bangladesh.
9th January 2012

Very Nice
This is very nice scenery and I have very charmed to see the same I thanks to who created it as well as who capture it.

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