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3rd - Tunnel  

Seoul Korea 3rd - Tunnel

Over the years, North Korea has built many tunnels in an attend to infiltrate south Korea. Discovered in 1978, this was the 3rd tunnel they have found. It is 1635m long, 2 m high, and 2 m wide. An army, fully equipped, could pass through within 1 hour.
Seoul Korea

October 5th 2016
We spent May and June packing and preparing to vacate our apartment in Kaohsiung and leave Taiwan. What a fabulous 3 years we spent living in and learning about a different culture. It rained heavily the last 5 days we were in Kaohsiung and that made moving boxes, closing accounts and ending services a bit of a challenge. The rain had gotten to us. We were drying our clothes in the apartment, i ... read more
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Korean Flag Korea was an independent kingdom under Chinese suzerainty for most of the past millennium. Following its victory in the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, Japan occupied Korea; five years later it formally annexed the entire peninsula. After World War II, a... ... read more
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