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rio dulce  

rio dulce

Rivers of Babylon in Rio Dulce

April 23rd 2016
HE SAID... We woke early again, thanks to the overly enthusiastic rooster that had set himself off at 3am every morning since we had been in Antigua. We made our way out of the Antiguan valley at 5am in bright moonlight and descended into Guatemala City with a blood red sun rising over the sprawling city. We were meant to be travelling to Semuc Champey, but political unrest in that part ... read more
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Guatemalan Flag The Maya civilization flourished in Guatemala and surrounding regions during the first millennium A.D. After almost three centuries as a Spanish colony, Guatemala won its independence in 1821. During the second half of the 20th century, it experience... ... read more
26th April 2016

From volcanoes to the Caribbean
What wonderful diversity of cultures and landscapes you've encountered so far! Your hotel with its screened-in wall sounds idyllic, as do the boat rides drifting through mangroves and seeing indigenous people in their dugouts. I love that you find dogs wherever you go--Hefe, spelled Jefe, means Boss, and he certainly had you all wrapped around his paws! As usual, the food looked amazing, though that fish soup a bit daunting. And then your next stop, magnificent!
28th April 2016

Re: From volcanoes to the Caribbean
We loved our jungle/river resort in Rio Dulce, and thanks for the spelling of Jefe, one of the staff had told me what it meant, but it had slipped my mind. He was an adorable boss. The Garifuna fish soup (especially combined with the coconut bread) was seriously delicious even though you had to work for it :)

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