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Stunning views  

Stunning views

In the land of giants...and coffee

May 4th 2016
Being traditionally British we aren’t the biggest coffee drinkers (tea is our fave tipple), it’s safe to say that although Salento is a part of the zona cafeteria, we were not just coming here for the coffee. No, we were also coming here for the mountainous scenery and the nearby cloud forest holding its own little secret. Salento, a smallish colonial old town with pretty colourful str ... read more
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Colombian Flag Colombia was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others are Ecuador and Venezuela). A 40-year insurgent campaign to overthrow the Colombian Government escalated during the 1990s, undergirded in part... ... read more
4th May 2016

Cloud forest
What beautiful scenery--that hike sounds exquisite though I must admit, the tall palms shooting into the sky look like beings from Dr Seuss. Love those coffee beans in all their different colors, and Solento looks adorable. It looks like a place to linger!
6th May 2016

Re: Cloud forest
We loved the scenery here, from the dense forested areas to the tall wax palms in the open fields. Surprised we didn’t get neck ache. The coffee plantation was really informative, we never knew so much went into making coffee. Salento was a lovely place, very quiet and relaxed.

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