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Bull-jumping ceremony of the Hamer tribe  

Bull-jumping ceremony of the Hamer tribe

Ethiopia 3/3: visit to the south

November 16th 2015
Back in Addis Ababa I planned my visit to the south. Asking for information at the tour agencies was worthless, since they charge a ridiculous amount and they tell you that it’s almost impossible to go to the Omo Valley by yourself, which is a lie! I stayed two nights in Addis Ababa to rest, did some laundry and wrote a blog-entry. I also went to the Ethnological Museum, which used to be a palac ... read more
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Ethiopian Flag Unique among African countries, the ancient Ethiopian monarchy maintained its freedom from colonial rule, with the exception of the 1936-41 Italian occupation during World War II. In 1974 a military junta, the Derg, deposed Emperor Haile SELASSIE (wh... ... read more
20th November 2015

Amazing experiences!
Interesting meeting so many different people from the Rastas to the Mursi women. But wow, what a great exchange with Chicho and Hailu and seeing the bull running and women beating ceremonies--customs that seem so strange to us. What a rich travels you are having!

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