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La Digue beach  

La Digue beach

I love Seychelles!

August 31st 2015
The highway from the airport in Mahe is festooned with signs to promote Seychelles. Written in Creole, French, and English the fluttering banners proudly proclaim: I love Seychelles. When I first arrived in the country over a week ago I thought it was a clever marketing ploy, but perhaps a bit forced. Now, however, I don't need any signs to remind me of the beauty and unique feel of these tropical ... read more
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Seychellois Flag A lengthy struggle between France and Great Britain for the islands ended in 1814, when they were ceded to the latter. Independence came in 1976. Socialist rule was brought to a close with a new constitution and free elections in 1993. The most recen... ... read more
2nd September 2015

Lovely view, like a wonderful painting!

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