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20th November 2019
Bora Bora airport

Love this one.
And... look at that water.
3rd November 2019
Amazing viewpoint

Serenity now
This location is on our list. Wow.
28th October 2019

Maybe someday!
11th July 2019
Golden Bridge

Amazing bridge
It is amazing what architecture can be dreamed up.
2nd July 2019
On the beach

Living the dream.
5th February 2019

New Zealand
Still one of our favorite countries. It is like living in a postcard.
5th February 2019

I couldn't agree more guys. The scenery is magnificent!
23rd January 2019

palm photo
The photo with palms is really nice! What kind of equipment did you use to take the picture?
23rd January 2019

Thank you. It's a Canon DSLR EOS600
16th January 2019

Another amazing blog!
7th January 2019

So this is Tonga
Great write-up. I've always been interested what a solo trip to Tonga would be like. I'll be following along eagerly as you continue your trip.
6th January 2019

The South Pacific
Just came across your blog whilst browsing the site. You've certainly got around a bit over the years!! I spent a few days in Tonga many years ago, and my wife and I had a couple of weeks in Samoa mid last year. Your stories resonate strongly. Very slow pace of life, wonderful friendly people and great beaches.
From Blog: Vava'u beckons!
7th January 2019

Thanks Dave
Couldn't agree more, the Polynesians are so great. And the singing too!
From Blog: Vava'u beckons!
6th January 2019

Fantastic way to experience Tonga. It’s very high on my bucket list and I’m glad to know homestay options are available. Thanks for sharing your experiences
From Blog: Vava'u beckons!
30th December 2018
Island shipwreck

When the tryline beckons
This time the plane did not turn back and you touched down, Tom. Considering the exploits of their Rugby League team and the greatest comeback in RL World Cup history against England in the semi-final...the try on the bell to win it that was disallowed without referral to the video referee...controversial in spades...maybe now was a better time to visit Tonga than your previous attempt. Sometimes disallowed tries make determination stronger...sounds like you scored big time!
30th December 2018
Island shipwreck

Mate Ma'a Tonga
Thanks Dancing Dave. Yes, the World Cup was awesome and I loved what Tonga added to the competition. They were very unlucky against England but everyone is crazy for the team now. Rugby Union has been left in the dust here, and I think in the rest of the South Pacific!
20th July 2018

Yes, yes, yes
It sounds like you've become very agreeable in your old age. ha ha. Being up for anything on the road is a great adventure. So many experiences and so little time. Thanks for taking us along.
22nd July 2018

Up for anything
Thanks Guys. I really appreciate your support over all these years and adventures!
20th July 2018

The soul of Seoul
Glad you made it back.Seoul has long been on my bucket list and your blog has made me eager to go. We hope we can go in the next couple of years. Sounds like you had some time to regenerate and that is great.
29th June 2018

Rhythm of the Rain
I really enjoyed this blog. Sounds like you had a great time. I would have loved seeing the Dragon Boats.
29th June 2018

Staying within the lines
They have to keep an eye on you and make sure you are standing where you need to be. Sounds like you've discovered some great museums and markets.
28th June 2018

What a beautiful blog! I felt like I was in heaven. What evocative pictures! I think that I will plan a trip to Taiwan.
15th June 2018

Man this is awesome
Very nice post i like it .. I like travelling alot and i want to go for an trip to autoliker a day .
15th June 2018
Senado square

City Square
Love the streets scenes and people watching in these locations.
14th June 2018

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