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Tarantula,  Amazon  

Tarantula, Amazon

Ecuador to Chile and homeward bound

March 11th 2015
If I was given a blank canvas and asked to design a place for travellers it would probably end up a lot like Ecuador. Warm weather, mountains, beaches, rainforest, wildlife, history, indigenous culture, colonial architecture and adventure; its all in abundance in this diverse and beautiful country which straddles the equator on the west coast of South America. Add the colourful and ever so friendl ... read more
7th April 2015

Homeward bound
8 countries of South America in six months...well done. To bookend it with Torres del Paine and the Equatorial Rainforest...sensational! Guess you won't miss this fella!
8th April 2015

Homeward bound
Thanks, Dave. Yeah he was a hairy fella, bout the size of my hand, and they say are harmless but can nip... I didn't want to test the theory. Thanjs for the comment, and all the best, mate. Alan
7th June 2015

Awesome Tarantula
Hi Al, just got around to reading your last blog from your big trip - I liove that Tarantula picture, great shot, you can see its beady eyes! Mrs KJ
8th June 2015

Yep, Caroline, it was a big momma!! and it was in company - dread the thought of them getting organised...

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