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The Dubai Desert  

The Dubai Desert

Finding the Traditional Culture in the Lavish city of Dubai

February 8th 2015
My visit to the great city of Dubai started off as just a stepping stone on my way to India; a trip I was taking soon with my dear friend Natalia and her sister Tati. Dubai is one of seven city states that make up the United Arab Emirates, and it is an exceedingly lavish city. Even flying to Dubai on the Emerites A380 airline was quite a nice experience, and it's definitely one of the most comfort ... read more
20th February 2015

Great adventure!
How wonderful that you got into old Dubai and to the sand dunes as well as the amazing modern city. I love it that the mosque visit including teaching on Islam, since so few people are aware of it. And the Lebanese food sounded great! Happy adventures in India!
21st February 2015

Thanks Tara!
Yes it was wonderful to learn about Islam, religions are so fascinating! I would definitely recommend the desert trip because it's not something you see everyday, and its a lovely place to take pictures of!
23rd February 2015

Dust in the wind
Ah the beauty of isolation. Dubai was an interesting stop on our trip. I agree that the desert sand dune ride was more than bargained for. I was in the back and got a little car sick. Eager to read more.
24th February 2015

Yes I have to agree!
Dune bashing is not for everyone, so sorry you got car sick! Glad you found it interesting on your visit though. I loved the experience of the isolation and the sun rising was just so perfect. I imagine the sunset must also be just as stunning.

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