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5000km from People's Square in Shanghai  

Lhasa - Zhangmu Port - Kathmandu, Nepal 5000km from People's Square in Shanghai

National Highway 318 is the longest highway in China, stretching from People’s Square of Shanghai to Zhangmu in Tibet (more than 5000 km) and crossing over eight provinces.
Lhasa - Zhangmu Port - Kathmandu, Nepal

September 17th 2013
Driving from Lhasa to the Nepal border at the Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge remains the most popular overland route among backpackers all over the world. At the Nepal border, the Friendship Highway continues on the Araniko Highway for another 115 kilometers to the capital of Nepal - Kathmandu. The road is quite bumpy and out of repair. The Chinese Embassy asked the government to send an official pr ... read more
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Nepalese Flag In 1951, the Nepalese monarch ended the century-old system of rule by hereditary premiers and instituted a cabinet system of government. Reforms in 1990 established a multiparty democracy within the framework of a constitutional monarchy. A Maoist in... ... read more
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