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Ciao !  

Ciao !

Milan, Italy
Milan, Alta Moda & architecture

June 24th 2012
After 18 months in Baghdad, where my concept of personal freedom had been somehow scaled down, the idea of a road trip around Europe was very tempting. A month to explore, enjoy life, meet new and old friends & most of all cheer every moment, definitely something I relate to! Marta’s annual party in Poland was the trigger to this trip, I would not have missed it for anyth ... read more
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Italian Flag Italy became a nation-state in 1861 when the city-states of the peninsula, along with Sardinia and Sicily, were united under King Victor EMMANUEL II. An era of parliamentary government came to a close in the early 1920s when Benito MUSSOLINI establis... ... read more
31st July 2012

very elegance .. of course street an palace

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