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Arrow stargazer Gillellus greyae  

Arrow stargazer Gillellus greyae

Baeolidia Nodosa

April 12th 2012
I dove with Linda and Anne. We were on the froggie mission and Anne was going on her third attempt to photograph the F. Marcussorum. On the way to Nudi world I saw a big banded Jaw fish with young eggs and a fish I have never seen before. Then Linda found a small dusky with pretty big eggs. In the meantime I saw 2 spiders that look like mating on of them was “Deb’s spider” with eggs. Then we ... read more
North America » United States » Florida » Riviera Beach

American Flag Britain's American colonies broke with the mother country in 1776 and were recognized as the new nation of the United States of America following the Treaty of Paris in 1783. During the 19th and 20th centuries, 37 new states were added to the origina... ... read more
8th May 2012

Arrow stargazer
Mena, this is an Arrow Stargazer, and a nice photo of one!

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