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The Barbican, ancient fortification  

The Barbican, ancient fortification

Krakow, Poland - Auschwitz and the Madness of the Stag

August 5th 2011
"Out of all the horrible things in Auschwitz," said Phil as we headed back to the minibus for our ride back into Krakow. "The thing that got me most was the kids' shoes." The rest of us nodded glumly. Seeing the pile of footwear that had once belonged to innocent children just before they had been gassed to death had not only been harrowing but immensely depressing too. Auschwitz, we all agree ... read more
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Polish Flag Poland is an ancient nation that was conceived near the middle of the 10th century. Its golden age occurred in the 16th century. During the following century, the strengthening of the gentry and internal disorders weakened the nation. In a series of ... ... read more
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