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Xhosa and I  

Xhosa and I

Four little ambassadors

October 4th 2011
‘You see, lady, I don’t have much money, and sometimes I don’t even know, how to pay my bills. But I get up every morning and I decide I am going to be happy. Because, lady, I believe that happiness doesn’t just happen - we choose to be happy.’ These wise words concluded the conversation I had with the taxi driver who took me from Cape Town Airport to Stellenbosch. It had been interestin ... read more
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South African Flag After the British seized the Cape of Good Hope area in 1806, many of the Dutch settlers (the Boers) trekked north to found their own republics. The discovery of diamonds (1867) and gold (1886) spurred wealth and immigration and intensified the subjug... ... read more
5th October 2011

You and Xhosa
.....and don't you just look so happy! xx
18th November 2011

We were just thinking about you and decided to revisit your blog! WOW this photograph is amazing. Hope you are having an enriching journey and keeping well. We hope to see you soon xxx
14th June 2015

As life goes on, I always wanted to be a Doctor, so I did my M.B.B.S Degree in India.....and when I finished, I went to work in Seychelles..I worked hard for 4 years as everyone did in Children's Ward........ even though I was good at it, and even though I have diagnosed a rare case that was common in the Mediterranean Region....there was an end of all of this...... as I couldn't resist my desire and passion for Aviation..the one thing I have loved most.....that was one thing I don't mind sacrificing for....!!!!!!!!! So I have to work it out......!!!!!!!!......and I have to find something in-between Aviation and Medicine put all together.... and that was Health and Safety in Aviation...I have completed a Diploma in Aviation Safety and a Diploma in Aviation NEBOSH IGC from UK and put all together I'm Specialist in Health and Safety in Aviation.....that took so much hard work together with all I have done before....I became a Member of Flight Safety Foundation of U.S.A and a Member of the Aerospace Medical Association of U.S.A, recently became an Associate Fellow Group Member of U.S.A, and a Life Member of the International Association of Military Flight Surgeon Pilots of U.S.A,'s all hard work......YES it is tough....I know that, but I have done it....... because I love Aviation as it serves an interesting point of cross-cultural awareness...... bringing people from all over the world together.........I went back to seychelles...but due to unexplained circumstances, I left since one year....I moved to U.A.E..and now enjoying my holidays in England......I will be here in London SW11 3GW until 27th June 2015...... I have many hobbies........ of which I love most..... is exploring the Underwater World ..that was the ignition to do diving and I got my Open Water Diving 18 mts lessons in Seychelles and I'm very much happy and proud to have my Diving Instructor as Juliane E. Shaub...I have learned a lot from her and my diving moments with her were very memorable and experienced ones ........I hope to dive with her always......I'm here now in UK and I wish to meet her in person.....that's all I can say to her.......+44 7482 107016...........

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