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Victoria Falls - Day 1 Photo 14

Victoria Falls - Day 1

January 21st 2011
Victoria Falls Chasing the Lunar Rainbow 20-12-2010 We had planned to be at Victoria Falls on my birthday, which falls on the ‘Datta Jayanti’ day according to the Hindu calendar, i.e. the full moon day in late December. However, the more important reason was that there was a 50/50 chance of our being able to witness the ‘lunar rainbow’ at Victoria Falls, which is seen only on ... read more
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Zimbabwean Flag The UK annexed Southern Rhodesia from the South Africa Company in 1923. A 1961 constitution was formulated that favored whites in power. In 1965 the government unilaterally declared its independence, but the UK did not recognize the act and demanded ... ... read more
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