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Male Frigate bird showing off...  

Male Frigate bird showing off...

Genovesa island, Galapagos
Galapagos - A True Paradise for Wildlife, Marinelife & Nature Lovers! (Part II)

June 17th 2010
Hi all, Day 5 - We're landing early morning on the shore of North Seymour Island. It is named after an English nobleman called Lord Hugh Seymour (if you really need to know...). As we learn, this island was created by a seismic uplift rather than being of volcanic origin, like most of the archipelago. A tiny forest of silver-grey Palo Santo trees is spread just above the landing point ... read more
South America » Ecuador » Galápagos

Ecuadorian Flag The "Republic of the Equator" was one of three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others are Colombia and Venezuela). Between 1904 and 1942, Ecuador lost territories in a series of conflicts with its neighbors. A b... ... read more
30th November 2010

they are weird try to poke them they won't even flinch

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