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Best sign ever  

Best sign ever

A dip into Burma

December 6th 2009
From Sukhothai, I take the bus to Chiang Mai, Thailand's second city. I end up doing a whole bunch of nothing there, despite or maybe precisely because of the broad variety of hedonist activities on offer. You can do river cruises, trekking to minority villages, rock climbing, white-water rafting, abseiling, mountain biking, meditation and massage courses, cooking classes and visit elephant sanctu ... read more
Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik

Burmese Flag Britain conquered Burma over a period of 62 years (1824-1886) and incorporated it into its Indian Empire. Burma was administered as a province of India until 1937 when it became a separate, self-governing colony; independence from the Commonwealth wa... ... read more
25th December 2014

"Best sign ever"
Can you tell me the meaning of this picture?
26th December 2014

Probably means you shouldn't take too many people along for a ride on your scooter. But my Burmese is a little rusty, so can't be sure. ;) Cheers, Jens

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