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Cute baby  

Cute baby

Of cub cuddles and piles of poo

August 10th 2009
It's strange that the lion park is starting to feel like home. It seems normal to me to get up with the sunrise, shower in bathrooms patrolled by dive-bombing weird insects, eat breakfast outside and then walk out of the campsite, exchanging greetings with the wandering giraffes and tiptoeing across a cattle grid on my way to work! Tara managed to wake up in time for morning shift today so we all ... read more
Africa » South Africa » Gauteng

South African Flag After the British seized the Cape of Good Hope area in 1806, many of the Dutch settlers (the Boers) trekked north to found their own republics. The discovery of diamonds (1867) and gold (1886) spurred wealth and immigration and intensified the subjug... ... read more
28th June 2010

love tiger baby

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