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hooka time  

hooka time

the dinner before another big night out till the sun rose!!! too easy to do in st marteen! Chris that im sailing with is on the right. We get on quiet well, have a few good things in common. Boats, women and good music and rum
Time for Antigua

April 4th 2007
well folks with the Cricket on the screen over in the bar, things are looking pretty peachy for a beer but before i do i want to add some more pictures so you can see and i can recall later what this place is like. ... read more
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Antiguan, Barbudan Flag The Siboney were the first to inhabit the islands of Antigua and Barbuda in 2400 B.C., but Arawak and Carib Indians populated the islands when Columbus landed on his second voyage in 1493. Early settlements by the Spanish and French were succeeded by... ... read more
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