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Fiery-Billed Aracari  

Fiery-Billed Aracari

I could watch these guys all day. Always interesting; always inquisitive.
January at TRR: The Loud But Charming Parrots

January 11th 2020
I'm a fairly quiet person. I treasure silence and, given the choice, always prefer listening and watching to talking. Toucan Rescue Ranch is home to many, many parrots and toucans--all rescued for a variety of reasons, mostly confiscated because they were pets. Sadly they can't be released; TRR is their permanent home. These beautiful birds are all cared for with unwavering compassion by the staff ... read more
Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Heredia » Heredia

Costa Rican Flag Costa Rica is a Central American success story: since the late 19th century, only two brief periods of violence have marred its democratic development. Although still a largely agricultural country, it has expanded its economy to include strong techn... ... read more
14th January 2020

good heavens
You're absolutely sure these are living creatures?
15th January 2020

They're beautiful aren't they? And the toucans, toucanets, and aracaris have such wonderful personalities too. What a privilege to be around them!

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