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Cape Maclear  

Cape Maclear

Kids playing volleyball in Cape Maclear
Malawi 2019 part II - Lake Malawi, Dedza, Lilongwe, Blantyre

April 21st 2019
Colourful fish, rock paintings and more We continued our vacation in Malawi by going to Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi has clear water, lots of colourful fish and bilharzia. If you don't swim in the lake you miss out on a great experience, seeing thousands of Malawi cichlids in their right environment, and if you do swim ... read more
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Malawian Flag Established in 1891, the British protectorate of Nyasaland became the independent nation of Malawi in 1964. After three decades of one-party rule under President Hastings Kamuzu BANDA the country held multiparty elections in 1994, under a provisional... ... read more
19th June 2019

Love this shot!
You've highlighted a country I knew nothing about - thanks for sharing your trip! You guys are brave swimming in the lake with a known bilharzia risk, but I suppose you have to do what you have to do to get those travel experiences we cherish so much :)

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