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cathedrale de sacre coeur  

cathedrale de sacre coeur

Cast no shadow in Casablanca

April 2nd 2019
The moon and the stars are not above us, the earth is on the other side of our feet… ~ Moroccan Proverb HE SAID... Today we were continuing to explore the white city of Casablanca. I woke early and used the quiet morning stillness to catch up on my travel writing. We headed down to breakfast at 8am and feasted on khobz (traditional round leavened bread) ... read more
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Moroccan Flag In 788, about a century after the Arab conquest of North Africa, successive Moorish dynasties began to rule in Morocco. In the 16th century, the Sa'adi monarchy, particularly under Ahmad AL-MANSUR (1578-1603), repelled foreign invaders and inaugurate... ... read more
28th May 2019

On Art Deco
You know, in New York you can see Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Art Garfunkel. OK, that is a crappy joke and it's not even my joke to begin with. I've borrowed it. Thank you for writing about Casablanca. I seem to have forgotten a bit. Or was it that we stayed so short in Casablanca that we didn't have time to see everything. Northern Morocco is still uncharted territory for us so I am looking forward to the next blog entry from you. /Ake
29th May 2019

Re: On Art Deco
Haha yes that was a bit of a Dad joke... but I still laughed because I didn't see it coming! :) I found that Casablanca (and northern Morocco) had such a different feel to the southern part of the country - it was interesting to see the contrast. Thanks Ake :)

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