My TOTAL solar eclipse experience

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November 14th 2012
Published: November 14th 2012
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I am not into astrometry and know little about it. We booked this trip for the voyage and it so happens that it's title is Solar Eclipse Cruise. I just experienced an astonishing, amazing, epic natural celestial phenomena . Wow. A total eclipse of the sun. Our ships navigator worked very hard to make sure our position was in the optimum viewing location. And he did not disappoint. We had a beautiful clear view. Amazing. At the totality I never thought I would see what I did. It was like God was looking at us with his/her eyeball through a microscope. In fact that view is called the cornea. The next view you see after total coverage, (and just before) is what as known as the "diamond ring". I feel like I received a celestial diamond ring from the heavens. Even Tiffany & Company could not make a ring so striking. Yay, I said and mean it. I will hold the memory in my heart and mind forever. The total eclipse only lasted three minutes, and it felt like thirty seconds. Over too soon and too quick. It got very dark and cold. It also produced the strangest sunset or sunrise effect on the horizon. I don't know how else to explain it. The vibe on the ship is electric. I think I said "WOW"! over a hundred times, as most people did. And are continuing to say. When greeting each other only one word is exchanged, and that is "Wow". They had a band all set up and just as totality completed they busted out in the song by Katrina and the Waves, "Walking on Sunshine" and the entire ship, which was on deck, crew and passengers, broke out in energizing song and dance. Wow!


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