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February 16th 2012
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Thursday 16th February:

For the eagle eyed among you, you will have noticed that we failed to post a blog on

Wednesday 15th February. This is because, unlike you, we have not had a 15th February.

Crossing the international date line meant we had to put our clocks forward 24 hours

which means we didn't lose any sleep but one chap on board did miss his own birthday! On

board ship, it is now nearly half past ten at night and Richard has fired up the GPS on

the iPad and it shows we've just nudged our way over the international date line but,

for reasons known only to Cunard, although we actually crossed it about 10 minutes ago,

they changed the time on board last night. At least with it being a leap year, we get

the day back at the end of the month!

A lovely relaxed day on board today. Two lectures this morning: one about working with

the Royal family and one on the history of piracy. Enjoyed the first but snoozed

through the second. How rude was I! I blame it on the heat; it saps your energy or

maybe it's just increasing age.

Actually I'm having a bad day for mental acuity: I sent Sarah's birthday greetings 2

days before her birthday (sorry Sarah!) and we've spent dinner racking our brains over

what made Peter de Savary famous. With internet time here so so so expensive, we're

reluctant to look it up so have a list building now for all the things we want to Google

when we get home.

very pretty cruising this afternoon past various islands. Not sure that they're

inhabited as many of them are little more than palm covered lumps of rock sticking out

of the sea. But they look fabulous with beautiful golden sand beaches and then every

inch covered in lush vegetation.

And talking of lush vegetation, we had a fabulous Biryani for dinner tonight. It's easy

to see the benefits of such a multinational crew. Those chefs sure can cook. And we

sure can eat! What a wonderful combination.


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