Weather determines it all in boating

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February 20th 2018
Published: February 20th 2018
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Isn’t boating fun, you plan a trip & then the weather changes so we are delayed. Yesterday & today although the sun is shining, beautiful day the winds are not favourable for us on the bay. Yesterday a gale warning & today strong wind warning. At home it’s just a beautiful late summer day! Lucky we don’t need to be at the bottom end of the bay until Friday - so with more pleasant conditions tomorrow for the bay we’ll head off then. A nice day to rest & enjoy home before our trip.


20th February 2018

Keep safe
Keep safe in your flotilla! Have fun 🐳🐬and watch out for the whales and dolphins😎
20th February 2018

Thanks Susan
Hopefully whales & dolphins will keep at a safe distance as too the sun 🐠

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