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Oceans and Seas » Indian » Java Sea May 11th 2016

écrit par Sylvain: Avec un peu plus de cinq mois de retard, je voulais quand même vous partager notre sélection de photos, faite il y a trop longtemps maintenant!.. surement à cause de la nostalgie de nos aventures, même si notre quotidien est loin d'être monotone! C'est donc le 10 mai que nous avons quitté notre île d'adoption avec des petits avions, loin du confort de l'A380, pour arriver à Bali en fin de journée... très vite le contraste avec la circulation et la chaleur nous fait comprendre que nous changeons de monde! Les souvenirs de nos précédents voyages en Asie resurgissent. Ce sera le lendemain matin que nous découvrirons le cadre magnifique de notre hôtel, le Ubud Bungalow sur Monkey Forest road, là ou nous avons décidé de nous établir pour 12jours avec nos 50kgs ... read more
1er petit dej à l'Hotel
en arrière plan notre bungalow
une rue dans Ubud

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Java Sea October 22nd 2012

Three days at sea after visit to GBR although we saw lots of islands including Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Torres Straits where they used to trade the heads of tasty Europeans with the people of Papua New Guinea. Enjoying the ship's activities including the gym, the bar, BBQ on deck with M & E captured on film dancing to Dancing Queen! Darwin was next stop where we sweated our way round the town which had to be completely rebuilt after the 1974 Cyclone Tracy. Nice dock area with netted swimming beach to keep out the crocs. Then more sea, sea and sea- looking forward to Bali and land tomorrow. Weather is terrific with perfect blue skies and yesterday an absolute flat calm fortunately we are steaming not sailing otherwise we would be drifting just ... read more
Sunset over perfect sea

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Java Sea November 3rd 2010

Day 1 It was a long day of traveling but we have already had e-mails from our scouts (Patricia & Carol Hall) that all is well and the hotel, guides, etc. are excellent. We were sure lucky to get in contact with these guides through Bill and Mary Cunningham. They are three brothers who are excellent artists and guides and drive to make a living. Everyone in Bali is either royalty or an artist. When the Muslims forced the Hindus out of Java the artistic and royalty went to Bali in the 16th and 17th century. I left yesterday and went through LA and then had a 13 hour flight to S. Korea. I will be meeting Paul Martin, Linda and Patt here in Seoul and then we will get to Bali just after midnight. Korean ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Java Sea November 10th 2007

The 10th and 11th of November 2007 were spent cruising the Java Sea en route to Bali. We cruised with Sumatra on our right and Kalimantan on our left. We spent the sea days as normal, D attending lectures, M went to art and craft groups, we enjoyed time on deck reading/sunbathing and, of course eating ... and more eating!... read more

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