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March 19th 2017
Published: March 19th 2017
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We are back at sea today. Today was for shipboard activities, and only the few things we wanted to do - the rest was for REST. We actually got up a little early for a sea day and we went to the dining room for one more serving of formal breakfasts. We sat with two other couples whom we have met before during the cruise – maybe we have been here too long and it’s time to head on home. Anyway, Janet had another helping of Eggs Benedict and David had a Ham & Cheese Omelet.

After Breakfast, Janet went to the Knitters & Knatters session. She found one person who has been in her group all this time, but who is transferring to another ship and heading to California through the Panama Canal – their total cruise must be about 50 days. Meanwhile David went to the Internet Center and got yesterday’s blog published – there were network problems last night and he couldn’t get it sent. Then he went to the Princess Theater and listened to the final port lecture. This was about Ft Lauderdale. We will only be at the airport a couple of hours, but it couldn’t hurt to take notes to learn about things for some future visit to Florida.

We met up in the cabin and then went to lunch a little before noon. David got a cheeseburger and fries from the grill before meeting Janet in the Horizon Court. She had built herself a pastrami/turkey/cheese sandwich with chips. We both got apple crisp for dessert, but David got a scoop of ice cream on his from the Swirl Boys.

After lunch Janet stayed in the cabin and watched some TV while working on her needlework project (not knitting). David went up to the pool area and found it extremely crowded. But with some good luck he got a deck chair near the pool and was able to soak up some more Caribbean sun after a refreshing swim in the pool. The “waves” were running fairly strong in the pool so it was a lot of fun. The temperature today was about 84 this afternoon.

At 1:30 they got most of the people out of the pool and then held the “scrapheap boat challenge”. This is a competition where passengers built their own boat to sail around the pool. Each entry was loaded with 6 soda cans and if any of the cans fell overboard then the boat was disqualified. On some previous cruises there have been very few to successfully complete the course, but today there were 5 first round winners. To be a winner the craft has to be pulled around the perimeter of the pool on a string by the builder. With the high waves we expected a lot of casualties, but they were pretty solid entries. After the first round then it was a popularity contest to see which one was the ultimate winner. Mostly they had been made from empty water bottles lashed together but one was constructed of hangers shaped to look like a boat and then wrapped in plastic to keep the water out. That was the final winner.

After this we both went to the theater and watched a Brad Pitt movie called “Allied”. It was enough of a war movie to keep David interested and enough of a romance to keep Janet interested. So that was how we spent most of the afternoon.

We went back to the cabin and changed into our formal outfits. Tonight was the last “Formal Night” in the dining room, so we were all dressed up fancy again. We met Craig and Debbie for cocktails beforehand and then went to the dining room. We both had the Lobster and Prawns for our entrees with an assortment of other things before. For dessert, Janet had the Floating Islands and David had Cheesecake.

After dinner, Janet went back to the cabin because her leg was hurting and David went to the Princess Theater to see the production show called “Blame it on the Disco”. He had seen it during the first cruise, but this was the replacement singers/dancers, and he had enjoyed it the first time. It was fairly good again.

Now the day is over and we have retired to the cabin again.


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