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March 28th 2010
Published: March 28th 2010
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Entry 6

The trip is over, but I feel I need to write this, to get some closure. As of July 2nd, Juan Ponce de Leon, my captain, is dead due to that arrow wound. They are planning to bury him in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am currently on a ship heading back to Europe and I am not obligated to write this, but as I said before, I need to, to have some closure.
However, there really isn't anything to say about the trip I haven't already told you. I guess I'll talk about how I think Leon will impact the future. Well first off, we know about Florida and it know has a name. Leon will probably inspire other people to settle Florida and maybe inspire others to search for the fountain of youth. He did find, and will be credited with starting the government of Puerto Rico and Cuba. He found Bimini and attempted to colonize it. He increased the nessesity and demand for slaves due to them being present in all his colonies. He enraged some natives to fight back, which probably will lead to more bloodshed. He increased Spains wealth and power due to his colonies. Although I think one of the biggest influences he had was, when scholars look back a couple hundred years later and hear of Leon's quest for a fountain that will make one forever youthful, they will have a good laugh.


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