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April 21st 2009
Published: April 21st 2009
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Yesterday morning we docked in Southampton, England at around 7 A.M. and by late morning, we had transferred to the Queen Mary2, a ship we like as much as the Queen Victoria, although it is a couple of years older. Here is an interactive website for the Queen Mary 2: Tour the Queen Mary 2

Both ships are really quite spectacular.

This morning early, 7 A.M. we were notified that we had turned back toward England to meet a medical helicopter, which was coming out to pick up one of our passengers who had a serious medical problem. The helicopter didn't land on the ship. The patient was hoisted aboard on a stretcher in a basket. We had to evacuate our room as we are on the 12th deck and the helicopter hovered one deck up to do the transfer.

We have now turned around and once again we are on our way to New York and still on time for a 7 A.M. arrival.

Your last pin will be New York on Sunday and there won't be any more travel blogs until I summarize our trip when we are safely home in Naples.

Love to all of you. Granddaddy and Granny Lynne.

Please click on the links below for the tracking map, the Queen Victoria Bridge webcam and the Queen Victoria tracking map.

Chuck and Lynne's Satellite Tracking Map

Webcam on the Bridge of the Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 GPS Tracking Map


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