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August 5th 2011
Published: August 5th 2011
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Friday 5th August
Greetings from a wet and windy St Helena! I have just returned from Donny’s bar on the seafront after a very busy and productive professional week. Not many opportunities have been taken to enjoy the specialness of the island.

At Donny’s there was a music and video display and that made me reflect on ‘Top Threes’ – a most important but sometimes misunderstood notion. Whatever is most important to you – music, events, books – is crystalised into the top three – this isn’t a commitment for life – it’s as it is at that/this particular time. The only rule is that you must not laugh at another person’s choice – unless top three songs includes Dancing Queen by Abba – which, unfortunately featured in Mike Laycock from Homer’s selection one evening. We all saw him in a different light!

There is some risk, of course, that listening to another person’s Top Three could well become as uninteresting as listening to a recount of last night’s dream – it is such a personal thing. However, I know that thinking about Top Three is an important part on reflecting on one’s life – it’s almost a Zen type of thing.

So, before you think I’m going native out in St Helena and at the risk of being as uninteresting as last night’s dream of some one else I will pass on to you where am I this evening. What shall we have? Top Three books, films, days in your life … possibilities are endless.

I shall start with an easy one - Top Three Smells:
1. The smell of the sea
2. Pine Forest
3. The sharp metallic (zinc?) smell of rain after a long dry spell

Now, something far more difficult – Top Three record albums – this time not songs which is the most difficult category of them all – well, for me. You could, of course, have Top Three most difficult categories – but that is getting as absurd as when a former colleague selected Top Three MacDonald’s restaurants – I think she missed the point!

One of the points of Top Three is that it should get you thinking, so my choice on a wet Friday evening in St Helena is:
1. Bruce Springsteen – ‘Darkness at the Edge of Town’
2. Ryan Adams – ‘Gold’
3. Bob Dylan – ‘Blonde on Blonde’

Well, what is yours? Have a go!


6th December 2011

St Helena
Excellent blog here I am passionate about my island and the sucess now that the airport is going ahead I have create a new website for the community of St helena here it would be great to get some feedback and input to try and make it even more sucessfull

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