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July 18th 2011
Published: July 18th 2011
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Monday 18th
Firstly, I need to confirm that ST Helena is only 1 hour behind UK time – not one day as the blog entry above suggests!

What a good day. First of all the business meeting seemed to go extremely well with a good agenda for development work agreed for the rest of the day. Planning to complete a development plan I was seduced (once again) by the weather to have an outdoor lunch (Tuna Pasta and salad) and then go on an exploration in the old car.

Barry in Farley will not be pleased to hear that it was a French-themed visit.

Firstly, to Bryce Pavilion where Napoleon stayed for 4 months whilst his house/prison was being prepared. Although the house was closed to visitors (in my anxiety to get going I failed to check opening times) this part of the trip was lovely. The house, although quite small, is rather charming and surrounded by a well-kept and colourful garden. The French tricolor (is that how you spell it) was evident out front.

Then off to Napoleon’s tomb – is this the only tomb without a body? Apparently the body was at some time exhumed and transported to Paris. There is very little sense on the island that napoleon’s presence is particularly celebrated. The respective sites are kept in good order – by the Saints or the French I don’t know but will endeavor to find out. However, I have seen no sign of ‘Napoleana’ in the gift shops – none of the snow scenes in a globe of the tomb or Longwood House. Is this an area for development, perhaps?

The well-signed but discrete position of the tomb is splendid – absolutely beautiful and the end of a pine-scented winding path. The surrounding garden is extra-ordinary – tropical ferns and cacti compete for space with European plants. And the sound – the most peaceful and beautiful sound, probably from frogs, or maybe crickets. The sound they made was as if hanging sea shells were being tapped gently by wooden drum sticks. Quite hypnotic. I would love someone who knows of such things to inform me of the source of this enchanting sound.

Some limited success with photographs but the limited band width (whatever that means) limits the number of photographs that can be attached to a St Helena blog.

The next few days are fully booked for work activity so, dear reader, a few days grace!


19th July 2011

A French Day
Could've guessed it was a French day by the punishing workload! The whole place sounds delightful. Think of us toiling away on the many crowned green whilst you enjoy this marvellous adventure.

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