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July 22nd 2011
Published: July 22nd 2011
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Friday July 22nd
The end of an interesting work-week. The people I have been working with are absolutely charming and seem extremely interested in what I am recommending. It would be interesting to return next year and see what impact the project is having. It seems typical to me – five colleagues working in the secondary schools and me, working on my own, in the three primary schools.

One of my tasks today was to lead a professional development day for all the staff who work in primary schools – one of the topics was the Early Years Framework – in other words what and how to teach the very youngest children. I couldn’t but help think about a song written and performed by the wonderful Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn who sang ‘Woke up thinking about Turkish drummers, didn’t take long, don’t know much about Turkish Drummers’. Replace Turkish Drummers with Early Years teaching. Anyway, it must be the way I tell them! It was a great day!

This evening we went to the Consulate Hotel (which I thought was closed) to hear a blues band – Tom, who I had met in the gym and comes from Windsor - said come along and have some fun. And they were fun – drums, bass, guitar (who also played trombone and sang), trumpet and an extremely good harmonica player. It was so much fun that I am inspired to start my own blues band when I get home – anyone out there interested?

It’s now 9.45 in St Helena and you’re probably thinking that it must be time to close down for the night. But no, I have been invited to a tea dance – at this time of evening! I suggest we call it an Ovaltine Dance. Whilst the youngsters are going up country on the Disco Bus think of your correspondent doing his best with the two-step whilst the hot drink is simmering on the hot plate. I wouldn’t do this in Much Wenlock but you can’t miss the opportunity here. I will let you know how I get on!

Tomorrow is a visit to Longwood – Napoleon’s prison-house and a walk up Flagstaff. I am afraid, dear reader, that you will have to await further tales of dabce adventures in the South Atlantic until another time.


22nd July 2011

Tea Dancing
Now mind you behave yourself Mr Theo - remember we met at a dance and you swept me off my feet! I'm sure you're inspiring the teachers with your wonderful ways and dazzling charm. x
22nd July 2011

I'm not in love
But I did dream the other night with the devine (and our) 10CC song 'I'm not in love' as the background of whatever was going on. Surely that record needs to be in or close to the 'Top 3'.

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