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December 25th 2018
Published: January 18th 2019
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Once far away from the lands of home and once far away from the lands of Virginia, oh travel brings lots of joy and happiness!

I was basically just making up that special poet quote about my travels!

I took a nice World Nurse Assistant Journey through Philippines Sea Countries as well as across from there to Indian Ocean to Red Sea to Medterrean Sea to Atlantic Seas,etc. I got to see all the ports of call through Cruising!

Amman, Jordan; Libson, Portugal; Barcelona, Spain; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Jidahh, Saudi Arabia, Mumbai, India; Bangkok, Thailand; Hamilton,Bermuda, Johannesburg, South Africa; Tokyo,Japan;etc.

Unfortunately, my pictures I tried to paste on this message won't let me but I walked around Thailand's Grand Palace,etc. I didn't pay too much money to explore the Grand Palace and the streets were easy to get around in Bangkok, Thailand. I like Thailand. Thailand was such a cool palace. I dreamed of going to that place but finally I got what I want! So grateful to God! I didn't try out the street foods in Thailand because I didn't want to get sick nor worried to get sick in my stomach. I didn't want to unknown to eat my stomach!

Cruising was far the best and my favorite thing to do in my entire life since birth. I love to Cruise. That's how I got to see over 99 countries.


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