April 15, 2012

Published: April 15th 2012
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April 15 2012 – Ship's Log – MS Balmoral

Last night we attended the Memorial Service, to commemorate the 100 year Centenary of the sinking of RMS Titanic. At 11.40pm, the time that Titanic struck the iceberg, our Ship's Captain Robert Bamberg blew the ship's whistle and spoke briefly (and beautifully) in commemoration and remembrance of the lives that were lost when RMS Titanic sank. We observed two minutes of silence, contemplating those lost, those who lived and the tragedy those people endured.

At 1am on April 15, we attended a service which was then carried onto the aft decks of Balmoral. After a period of quiet remembrance, the service concluded with the laying of three wreaths over the site of the Titanic's wreck at 2.20am – the time that Titanic finally slipped beneath the waves.

A few things struck us, as we attended the service and watched the laying of wreaths. First of all – the sheer cold. The cold on the North Atlantic seeps into your bones stealthily – one minute you're warm and the next minute your nose is frozen and your fingertips are stinging. You realise that one coat is not enough. Those poor
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Don, Joc, Deb & Damian - with the vast expanse of North Atlantic behind us.
people, 100 years ago, faced this cold – but also faced either a freezing night in an open lifeboat, or worse they faced either entering the water or being trapped underwater within the ship itself. The other thing that struck us was the utter darkness out there. We stood for some time staring at the stars, those same stars that the victims and survivors of Titanic stared at. Once the lights of Titanic went out, there would have been nothing but sheer blackness, nothing to be seen, and only the terrifying sounds of people dying and a ship sinking would have pierced that blackness. Horrifying, when you think about it.

RIP to all those who went down with Titanic – from crew to passengers alike. What they went through defies belief, in so many ways.

Today, April 15 2012, the sun is shining, the sea is calm and we are blessed with a beautiful day. May there be many more such days. Namaste.

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Sunset Sunset

Sunset over the North Atlantic - stunning!

The wreaths laid, in honour of those who lived, and who died, when RMS Titanic sank exactly 100 years ago.

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