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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic » Gulf Stream January 12th 2014

Well finally set sale on Friday last at 8.30pm We had a we sailaway and a pretty eventful Saturday am but as I try to write this we are currently in a Force 10 gale with 15/17 metre swell and have been for 36 hrs. Sorry guys but its coming your way. Couple of pics Cheers... read more

BERMUDA - Delays & Frustrations... Having arrived in Bermuda with a suspected broken forestay we were in need of a full assessment of its strength and some spare parts. We anchored in St Georges at the east of the island and having enjoyed abuse from dressing down from the irate Custom’s Officer and finally found a good hold for the anchor. The first thing that strikes one in Bermuda is the cleanliness and neatness of the island. One is back in the first world and oh my and the prices first worldly! Everything has been imported to the island – even the most basic necessities. Nothing is actually made in Bermuda – shipping and re-insurance are big business. There is however a huge disparity between the rich and poor; and the poorer end of ... read more
How handsome!?
Boys being boys
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I switched to another boat in Mindelo. It was a 40’ sloop from the 1970’s, very old and not really maintained. I found out that as long as you have some kind of sail and can point the boat, the wind will pretty much blow you across and you will hit the Caribbean no matter what. It’s one of the easiest ocean crossings in the world. It’s just a matter of how fast you want to get across. If you want a nice and calm easy sail and not too fast, stay between the 12th and 14th parallel. If you want a faster and rougher ride, go anywhere between 15th and 17th. Below the 12th, you risk not having much wind and be stuck at sea for too long, unless you have ample supplies. Above 18th, ... read more

Crossing back across the Atlantic sailors largely have two choices; go direct from the Caribbean to the Azores or go via Bermuda and skip around the western edge of the Azores High to get a better wind angle for the Azores. By choosing to head to Bermuda additional miles are added to the crossing but rather than facing an upwind slog all the way to the Azores with retching children (and adults!) it seems sensible to head the 850 miles to Bermuda. In addition Bermuda is not a place that one might usually travel to. It sits 500 miles from the coast of America and is a beautifully sculpted and manicured island with pastel coloured buildings and white sand beaches encircled with vicious reefs. It is not a centre for yachting but is a transit point ... read more
Beam reaching
Cold and wet in the cockpit
Alex on watch

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic » Gulf Stream November 11th 2012

Up early for an 8:00 am seaweed wrap & massage - 2 hours of heaven. Then up to breakfast and started playing “golf” for most of the day. Veteran’s Day celebration and memorial on board today – 2 minutes of silence, wreath in piazza and memorial service this afternoon. Drinks before dinner with Barb & Gary and dinner with the gang. Watched 2 World Champion Ballroom Dancers do 2 dances. Nothing else going on and time goes back again tonight. Let’s see what tomorrow has in store for us – Captain said we could have high winds and rough sea.... read more

My family and I are headed to St. Thomas in the British Virgin Islands on 08 Aug 2012. I'm still in the planning stage now. I have booked air fare and hotel accomodations, but still need to make dinner & daily excursion reservations. Stay tuned for an exciting trip!... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic » Gulf Stream April 15th 2012

It's difficult to imagine what was going through the minds of people onboard the Titanic on that fateful night on April 14/15 exactly 100 years ago. Sitting in my cabin at 11.40pm tonight as the Captain Robert Bamberg gave his address and announced the start of two minutes silence I visualised myself hearing the ship hit an iceberg and then experiencing the chaos that followed. I soon began to feel the horror of putting on my lifejacket, making my way though the corridor and pushing my way through crowds of people toward the lifeboats. Yesterday the electricity failed for a just few seconds while I was in one of the ship’s lifts. That was long enough as I started to imagine being stuck in the lift while the ship was sinking. There’d be no way out. ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic » Gulf Stream April 15th 2012

These Titanic tributes are on display in Balmoral's library.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic » Gulf Stream April 15th 2012

Our next stop is tomorrow night (Monday) at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We spend a full day there on Tuesday then do the final leg of the journey to New York. Pictured: The blue pin marks the Titanic wreck site where last night’s memorial service was held.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic » Gulf Stream April 15th 2012

April 15 2012 – Ship's Log – MS Balmoral Last night we attended the Memorial Service, to commemorate the 100 year Centenary of the sinking of RMS Titanic. At 11.40pm, the time that Titanic struck the iceberg, our Ship's Captain Robert Bamberg blew the ship's whistle and spoke briefly (and beautifully) in commemoration and remembrance of the lives that were lost when RMS Titanic sank. We observed two minutes of silence, contemplating those lost, those who lived and the tragedy those people endured. At 1am on April 15, we attended a service which was then carried onto the aft decks of Balmoral. After a period of quiet remembrance, the service concluded with the laying of three wreaths over the site of the Titanic's wreck at 2.20am – the time that Titanic finally slipped beneath the waves. ... read more
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