Bon Voyage

Published: April 22nd 2006
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Sail AwaySail AwaySail Away

Sailing out of Charleston Harbor, off to the adventure!
Jay and I are off and the adventure has begun. We have started sailing south and hope to be in the islands soon. We are looking forward to the cruising lifestyle and all that it entails.

A quick note about leaving the country. Many things will be changing once we head off to sea and I just want to remind everybody what to expect. Our cell phone will be turned off and we won't be accepting any calls. If you call and leave a message on our cell, we will probably not get the message until we get back to US territory (probably months from now). So that is not a reliable way to get in touch with us. We will have a sat phone for emergencies and will be checking in occasionally with family and friends, but these calls have to be kept short. We are not giving out our sat phone number, it is for outgoing calls only.

The most reliable way to contact us is thru e-mail. But still don't be suprised if it takes us a while to get back to you, we will not always be in places where there is internet. Also we will be updating the travelblog as often as we can, but only when we have internet access. And you can always send us letters and pictures, but not packages. We will have our mail forwarded to us as often as we can, probably once a month. But if you send us a package our mail will get caught up in customs and we will probably not recieve any of it.

Sorry that we will not always be reachable, but the best part of this trip and exploring the world in a sailboat is that we will be going to uninhabited islands. Just remember, if you don't hear from us that means we are off having the time of our lives.

Love to you all!


2nd March 2006

Sail Fast... Live Slow!!
It has been great to see your adventure unfolding.. a trip of a lifetime... I am jealous!! Hopefully all of the adventures in Charleston (lines caught, power down, storms) has helped to prepare you for the journey ahead. Can't wait to hear the next update... Hopefully I can catch up with you somewhere in your journey!
3rd March 2006

Have fun!!
Wishing you a grand time, loaded with joy and exciting times. Best wishes, Liz
6th March 2006

gñad you are finally off to will be in our thoughts and prayers. We leave for the US early Wed. morning. Love you, Gran and Marg

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