Photos from Oceania - page 41

High Rated (4.5)
The Old Sea Dog
Sculpted by Water
Cheddau River Flows Through
Mist descends
Black Water of the Sounds
Beneath Stirling Falls
Steady Flowing Falls
The Ever Changing Sound
Looking Down the Sounds
How Cute?
Beneath the Falls
Mid-Morning Sun Rays
Mitre Peak reflects
The Silent Stillness
Snow Under Foot
Picturesque Reflection
Rocky shore
The largest lake in the South Island
Inland Beach of Manapouri
Lake Manapouri
Pretty Lakeshore
Mirror Lake
Water sculpted rocks
Don't you turn your back on us!
A Kea ripping up the tarmac!
The Sound reflects
Bitter winds funnel
Moody Mitre Peak
The moody side to Milford
Clouds roll in
St Anne Point
Heading out to sea from the sound
Looking along Milford
Steep Valley Walls
Mitre Peak
Emerging from Homer Tunnel
Cleddau Valley
Wick Mountains
In Colour!
Looking down from Coronet Peak
In Black & White!
Sea of Cloud
Sweet Lines!
Clouds in the Valley
Above the Clouds
Brow Peak
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