Rangitoto Rocks

October 25th 2010
Published: November 13th 2010
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Leaving the CBDLeaving the CBDLeaving the CBD

l-r: Sharon, Alex, Glynn & Jude
Recently there has been a spate of new websites in NZ offering adventures and experiences at hugely discounted prices. One of the recent deals on www.grabone.co.nz was catching the ferry to Rangitoto Island for just $13 (half price). It's been 2 years since Glynn and I were there but our Kiwi friends Sharon and Alex had never been. With the public holiday scheduled to be a scorcher, we bought our tickets and booked our day out.

We boarded the 12.15pm ferry and arrived on the shores of Rangitoto volcano just before 1pm. The boat ride was fabulous in the sunshine, with stunning views of the CBD as we headed out into the harbour. We disembarked along with a huge crowd of daytrippers and beagn making our way up the rocky path. The baking sun was beating down on us and I couldn't help thinking that perhaps hiking up a steep slope during the hottest part of the day wasn't the best idea! Sharon and I took it slowly, relishing a rest in the shade whenever the opportunity arose. Alex and Glynn were off like rockets and it wasn't until we reached the lava tunnels that us girls caught up with
Auckland CBDAuckland CBDAuckland CBD

Deaprting Queen's Wharf on our way to Rangitoto Island.
them again.

Glynn had remembered to pack the flashlights and we had fun clamboring through the low ceilinged tubes of solidified lava. The coolness of the tunnels was very welcome and we scrambled about like a group of Indiana Jones wannabes. Emerging at the other end of the tunnels, we continued our ascent to the apex of the volcano.

The kind people at DOC (Department of Conservation) have built a series of fabulous viewing platforms at the summit, ideal for photo opportunities and picnics. We each pulled out some tasty treats from our packs and picked a shady spot for a late lunch. We watched in amusement as a bunch of kids tried and failed to set a leaf on fire with a magnifying glass. Evidently no-one had told them it works better on dry leaves!

Heading back downhill was of course much easier and by now the heat fo the sun had eased substantially. We made it down in plenty of tiem to ensure we were on the last ferry back to Auckland and treated ourselves to a delicious gelato once back on dry land. It was a fabulous day, made all the better for having

Alex, Sharon, Glynn and Jude demonstrate their new hairstyles in the wind.
great friends to enjoy it with. Thanks Alex and Sharon!

Additional photos below
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Auckland SkylineAuckland Skyline
Auckland Skyline

I never get tired of this view!
Supermodel SharonSupermodel Sharon
Supermodel Sharon

Cool as a cucumber!
Sky TowerSky Tower
Sky Tower

I live in such a lovely city! I'm proud to be an Aucklander!

Close up view of our destination from the boat.

As we arrived, the early morning daytrippers were ready to head back to Auckland. Check out that queue!
Rangitoto CoastRangitoto Coast
Rangitoto Coast

Some of the beautiful coastal scenery of Rangitoto Island.
Harris IslandHarris Island
Harris Island

It's the Harrises!
Little BachLittle Bach
Little Bach

Not sure I would really want to stay here for a holiday!
On the way upOn the way up
On the way up

Jude and Sharon with the summit behind them.
Volancoes Rock!Volancoes Rock!
Volancoes Rock!

Jude thinks Rangitoto is awesome!
Over thereOver there
Over there

Jude checks out the view of the distant CBD.
Shady CharactersShady Characters
Shady Characters

Sharon and Alex strolling through the trees.
Take FiveTake Five
Take Five

Glynn takes a break to check out another awesome view.
Into the VoidInto the Void
Into the Void

Into the lava tunnels we go!

Trees growing up through a collapsed section fo the lava tunnels.
Lava TunnelsLava Tunnels
Lava Tunnels

Heading into the second tunnel...
Alex King - Tomb Raider!Alex King - Tomb Raider!
Alex King - Tomb Raider!

Alex has his very own Tomb raider moment.
We made it!We made it!
We made it!

Sharon and Glynn emerge unscathed from the lava tunnels.

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