Drury Quarry Open Day

November 14th 2009
Published: November 19th 2009
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Open DayOpen DayOpen Day

It does exactly what it says on the shirt!
Every two years, the big quarry in Drury, South Auckland, opens its doors for a family fun day. After seeing the ad in the local paper which promised rides in big trucks, a giant sandpit and (mostly importantly) free ice-cream! Now there was an offer we simply couldn't pass up.

The event began at 1.30pm and we rocked up a littler later at around 1.45pm. I hadn't been expecting it to be very popular - I mean it's just a day at a quarry - but there were hundreds of people already! We parked up and made our way to the main event area where a folky rock band were blasting out favourite old tunes like Hotel California and all around us people marvelled at what was going on.

In one corner, a huge sandpit had been created and there was a hoard of enthusiastic kids madly digging around, hunting for prizes hidden deep in the sand. There was a queue of people waiting for rides in big lorries which were doing loops of the quarry. Then there was the queue for the monster trucks! We immediately made our way to the back of one queue and marvelled at
Big Truck!Big Truck!Big Truck!

Someone looks very excited about their ride in the big truck!
the wheels on these behemoths which were easily taller than me (I'm 165cm or 5'5'').

Whilst waiting excitedly for our ride, we got a message from a new German friend called Andrea who we had invited along. She came and found us in the queue and was later joined by Sarah, a Swedish girl who had been clever enough to go and get free ice cream before joining the queue!

The ride in the quarry truck was awesome. The quarry guys had designed a bit of an obstacle course with twists and turns and a couple of big bumps to entertain us and every moment of my ride i was giggling with enjoyment. I wanted to go again straight away but the queue was really long so we went off in search of other adventures.

Elsewhere in the complex there were big diggers and bulldozers, all stationary, that we could climb into and onto. That was fun too! Then Glynn made his way into the main marquee and sourced himself a free barbecued sausage (known in NZ as a sausage sizzle) while I made my way to the ice cream van and waited my turn. That poor
And they're off!And they're off!And they're off!

Look carefully and you can spot the white of Glynn's t-shirt in the truck cab.
Mr Whippy guy was serving icecreams as fast as his arms would let him. Every so often, he would stick his head out of the van window, look at the length of the queue, shake his head at the sight of the long queue and duck back inside.

Once I had my 4 ice creams, I joined Glynn, Andrea and Sarah in the queue for the quarry loop rides. Each truck could only take 2 passengers (3 if you count our little Jish) so Glynn and I hopped in first and were whizzed off for another fun ride. Our driver, Tony, was a bit nuts and even let go of the steering wheel to pose for a photo whilst we were moving but he was our kind of fun/mad!! Incredibly, on our return from the ride, it was almost 4pm and the fun day was almost over. We managed to make it to the free coffee stand before it closed and each bagged a warm drink to round off the day.

During conversation with our new friends, Sarah had mentioned that she was interested in buying a guitar. Glynn suggested to me that I could give her my

I really like this photo because of the mum and kid in the bulldozer scoop!
spare acoustic which was kindly donated to me by a Kiwi lady when I first arrived in NZ. I now have my original guitar from the UK and haven't played on the other one for months. When I mentioned it to Sarah, she was positively beaming! A quick pitstop back at our house and Sarah became the proud new owner of 'Dusty' the guitar. Another great day out :-)

Additional photos below
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I Can See You!I Can See You!
I Can See You!

Jish takes a closer look at some on the chunks of rock that get quarried here.
Giant SandpitGiant Sandpit
Giant Sandpit

Rumoured to be the biggest sandpit in NZ 0 the kids are loving it, that's for sure!
Digger GlynnDigger Glynn
Digger Glynn

Glynn gets up close and personal with this giant digger. Apparently he now wants one for Christmas!
Digger JudeDigger Jude
Digger Jude

Anything Glynn can do, Jude can do too!!
Big ScoopBig Scoop
Big Scoop

The digger\\\'s scoop is big enough for not one but two Harris\\\'s (Jish doesn\\\'t count this time!)
Free IceCreamFree IceCream
Free IceCream

Ice cream tastes even better when it's free!
Hub CapHub Cap
Hub Cap

an arty photo for you :-)
Truck RideTruck Ride
Truck Ride

Here's our trusty steed for the ride around the quarry.
Mad TonyMad Tony
Mad Tony

Look, no hands! .....Introducing mad Tony, our driver for the quarry tour.
Quarry ViewQuarry View
Quarry View

A truck-eye view of the quarry and the fun day from up high.

Sarah practises her rock star moves witht he help of her new guitar, Dusty.

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