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Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia February 9th 2023

World Cruise Part 4 Publishing this on 9th February. GMT+13! On our way to Auckland. Yesterday was in Samoa. Supposed to be Fiji tomorrow but instead heading straight for Auckland. There is a category 3 cyclone brewing east of Queensland heading towards Fiji. Forecast 7.5 m waves/ swell and 60-80 mph winds. Basically we’re running for harbour and hope that we can get into Auckland before it gets too rough. An extra day in Auckland will be good. Thanks for all the blog messages. Great to hear from you all. Will try and respond, prob What’s App. More news in a few days! Monday 30th January Sea Day 21 degrees N. 152 degrees 299 n miles to Honolulu 185 n miles NW of Hawaii Island The Hawaiian island stretch 1500 miles over 137 islands The population ... read more

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia April 13th 2019

Hello from Apia, the capitol of Samoa – also known as Western Samoa. We arrived this morning about 9:30. That gave us time to sleep in a little and still have a nice breakfast before the ship arrived. David was able to go out on deck to take a few pictures as we arrived in port. There is a local tradition of having some native dancers on the pier to welcome ships as they arrive, and we had a good view from the Promenade Deck. According to the information channel on the TV, we are at longitude of 171W and latitude of 13S. We will still visit some ports even further south, but all will be back toward the east. This is the farthest west that we will go on our cruise. So in one sense ... read more
Star Princess
Catholic Cathedral in Apia
Some of the Stations of the Cross

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia August 14th 2018

We head off towards Apia and stop at the Robert Louis Stevenson museum which is in the village of Vailima on a hill overlooking the capital. The museum is a spectacular colonial mansion with wide verandahs, set in huge manicured gardens, and was RLS’s home when he lived here from 1889 until his death at the age of only 44 in 1894. We join a tour of the Museum. Our guide tells us that RLS came here from Scotland with his American wife and family to try to get some better weather for his tuberculosis. He originally went to Hawaii where he was good friends with the King, but the King suggested that perhaps he’d better leave Hawaii and go somewhere else after he discovered that RLS was having an affair with his sister. I suspect ... read more
Robert Louis Stevenson Museum
Bedroom, Robert Louis Stevenson Museum
Robert Louis Stevenson portrait (by Everett Scott)

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia August 11th 2018

Unlike some other cars here in Samoa our trusty little number hasn’t spontaneously combusted overnight, so we decide to head into the capital, Apia, to have a look around. We’ve been told that the speed limits in Samoa are 40 kilometres per hour in villages and 60 kilometres per hour everywhere else, but there aren’t any signs along the road to confirm this, and there seem to be houses at varying intervals along most of the road so we’re not quite sure how we’re supposed to know when we’re in a village and when we’re not. We wouldn’t want to get deported for speeding, so we play it safe and stick to 40, but now we seem to be in grave danger of infuriating most of the other drivers, and we begin to wonder whether getting ... read more
Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Apia
Clock Tower, Apia
Bus stop, Apia

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia April 17th 2017

24th March Apia Apia is the capital of Samoa The travel blurb has you conjuring up visions of dusky maidens dancing between swaying palm trees. One of the things that struck us as we walked into the town were number of churches. Some 45% of Samoans are in the Congregational church with 20% Catholic. The remaining Samoans are mainly Mormon and Methodists with some minor sects thrown into the mix such as, Church of the Nazarene, Jehovahs Witness and the Bahai faith. They say that Samoa is 'founded on God' and many believe this true when in 1991 a Cyclone VAL flattened the whole of Samoa. The people believed because of their religion that God had mercy as only 7 deaths were noted over the 3 days that the storm raged. The walk from the Pier ... read more

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia November 25th 2016

Next stop, we are four hours north of Auckland, welcome to Samoa. I imagine some asking, why Samoa? Why not, I've been lucky to visit few times French Polynesia, plus Tonga and Fiji, so Samoa was next on the list. Soon, I should in the few years go diving in Solomons and climbing an active volcano in Vanuatu. These two are seriously high today on my wish list. I have to admit, what is not on the wish list are Nauru and Tuvalu! So here we are flying Virgin to Apia. It was not as bad as expected just another low cost airline...still not a fan of cramped seats, but we managed to get a free middle seat for more comfort. Would have fly Air New Zealand for the lounge benefits...but even booking 3 months ahead, ... read more
To Sua Ocean Trench, maybe the most famous site on Samoa....gorgeous place!
The beach by the Sheraton Resort....nobody...and rocks are just for the show at the end of the beach!
Diving is below par, but they have many turtles...

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia October 22nd 2015

Geo: -13.83, -171.76We're scheduled to arrive in Apia at 8am this morning. With no tendering, this should be simple. The only problem we see is that our CC tour person John, unlike others, has provided no details regarding who and where to meet after disembarking. We have our usual breakfast and exit the ship just after 8am. We see no one with any tour signs. I walk around and ask and when I approach what appears to be a tour guide and ask about our trip, he says, "This is it. Where are all your people?" Hey buddy, I'm not running this thing. Two by two, our group slowly finds us and gathers at the bus. This tour has been full for several months but apparently, unbeknownst to the tour operator, John has added people on ... read more
Typical Samoan Guys
Mom Got Her Coconut.

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia January 10th 2015

To be honest I was feeling a little cross and out of sorts. There I was on New Years Eve back in the Fijian resort town of Nadi, swinging away in a hammock. The thing is though, I was meant to be in Samoa already, but Fijian Airways cancelled my flight without explanation and this had thrown my into a temporary funk. It was great to be back at Bamboo Backpackers, but it was not where I expected to be at that time. Then a beautiful blonde from Sweden approached and started a conversation. It came up within minutes of our chat we were both heading for Samoa, and after exchanging details she moved on for the evening. Part of me was thinking this was all a dream, as surely such coincidences can't happen in real ... read more
Fale on Manono Island
Apia resort entrance
Le Vasa resort beach

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia October 16th 2013

Just got back from our shore excursion to Apia, Samoa - independent Samoa, not American Samoa. About 40,000 people now live here, but one it's famous residents was Robert Louis Stevenson, who came here for relief from his probable TD in the late 1800's. He built a lovely home which is now a museum. Got to see a Samoan dance/singing show there. And a tour of the downtown of Apia with a stop at the huge indoor flea market - it was hot and humid. Luckily no flies - they were all at the fish market down the street where we did not go. Leaving here in a few hours and then off to Fiji where we'll be after another day at sea. Looking forward to a longboat ride there. Tonight some of the Indonesian staff ... read more

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia September 16th 2012

Talofa! Monday 10th September – Auckland to Apia, Samoa The 3 ½ hour flight from Auckland was ok… I didn’t have movies but there were plenty of TV shows so I watched ‘Mike and Molly’ and ‘Smash’ which I’m now addicted to. I was completely engrossed and only took a break to order a bagel and some wine by using the touch screen and swiping my credit card. Then the nice old chap sat next to me started chatting… for quite a while... over an hour. He was nice and I didn’t mind chatting but I wanted to get back to ‘Smash’! I only got half way through the second episode before the screens turned off. We had a bit of turbulence but I’m proud I managed to get through the flight without any medication… just ... read more

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