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August 14th 2008
Published: August 14th 2008
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we depart, once again. tomorrow morning, we sail to vanuatu... should be a 7-8 day journey. wish i had more time for the internet, blogging and catching up with everyone but the computer access seems to be on 'island time' (see fanning island) and i could very well spend days on it if i really wanted too... another time. i hope all is well and good with everyone. as the sun sets softly over foreign shores, i bid you all a fond farewell and good night... raymond

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one of my favoritesone of my favorites
one of my favorites

"harmony and contrast, beauty is made is these two things."
life below decklife below deck
life below deck

dvd watching, cooking, reading, sleeping
someone is feeling bettersomeone is feeling better
someone is feeling better

long gone are the days of puking overboard and praying for death
samoan canoe crewsamoan canoe crew
samoan canoe crew

50 man canoe team cadenced by drums. (why didn't you get the big one?)
"the sea, the sea, in the darkness, it calls.""the sea, the sea, in the darkness, it calls."
"the sea, the sea, in the darkness, it calls."

- longfellow (he also went by the name of, donkeydong. me thinks.)

14th August 2008

Ray ~ I LOVE looking at your photos and the adventure that you are on! Be safe and I look to the next "internet stop"! Til later ~ Sandy
14th August 2008

Vanuatu bound...
The photos are breathtaking, Ray. I would love to join the canoe crew! Your description of the seasickness episode was classic but I am so sorry you had to go through it. You look great at the helm of the ship - maybe someday... Love you and look forward to the next blog. Aunt Debbie
16th August 2008

yeeha! travelling free!
Wow the photos are amazing! so glad to hear the puking stopped. I went to Isla Holbox and went to see whale soon as the boat stopped i managed one snorkel. We had to get back in the boat as it was such deep sea then it came on...woa! I was stuck on the deck of the boat...couldnt move except for the pukes and convulsions...awful! Dont think i could be a sailor! surfice it to say i have since discovered dramomine! Take care and enjoy the beautiful ocean and world! big love Angel x
23rd August 2008

Great to hear from you!
Hi Ray, I was so glad to get some updates from you! Your pictures are amazing! What an incredible adventure you have embarked on! I look foreward to getting some more updates as soon as you hit land again. Stay happy and safe! Love, Barb
31st August 2008

Ray, thank you for the fantastic blogs and beautiful photos. You are on the journey of a lifetime, your lifetime. So, as we all travel along our paths, be them extraordinary, or simply fulfilling, know how much you are loved and admired from distant shores. I have officially started nursing school. That much closer to following in your hallowed footsteps! Missing you, all my love xoxo

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