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Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Eastern Highlands September 17th 2018

It is a slow five hour drive from Mount Hagen to Goroka, on a poor road. Twice we were stopped at Police checkpoints. These are strange affairs to the westerner’s eye. The barrier is not raised until we have all chatted with the policeman, and the driver has paid a small bribe. When we arrive in Goroka, the weather has worsened and the surrounding mountains are invisible in swirling mist. It is hard to describe the Goroka Show, the pictures tell the story. Around 100 tribal sing-sing groups come together every year in this mountain town over the Independence Day weekend. On the morning of the first day, we spotted sing-sing groups in traditional dress on street corners - putting on body paint, arranging headdresses, practicing dance moves. But nothing could prepare us for the event ... read more
Penis gourds
Sing-sing dancer
Nice nose jewellery

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Eastern Highlands April 27th 2015

OUR TRIP ITINERARY April 2015 Tues 14th April - PER - BRIS Wed 15th April BRIS - POM (Port Moresby) Thu 16th April - Final prep & visit War Cemetary Frid 17th April - DAY 1 TREK - Owens Corner to Dump 66 ( 2.5km) Sat 18th April - DAY 2 TREK - Dump 66 - Ofi crk village (11km) Sun 19th April - DAY 3 TREK - Ofi crk - Agulogovillage (11km) Mon 20th April - DAY 4 TREK - Agulogo to Brigade Hill (10km) Tues 21st April - DAY 5 TREK - Brigade Hill to Naduri (13km) Wed 22nd April - DAY 6 TREK - Naduri to Templeton 2 ( 4km) Thur 23rd April - DAY 7 TREK - Templeton 2 to Alola (11km) Frid 24th April - DAY 8 TREK - Alola to ... read more

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Eastern Highlands April 26th 2015

COMMUNICATIONS It seems that everyone relies heavily on high tech gadgets to stay in touch with the world. The remote region of the Kokoda means that you are a long way from help if something goes pear shaped, additionally for our trek we had to be self reliant and have our means of communication since we didn't have a support team. We had two main means of communication. 1. Telephone network. Digicel is the local telecommunications provider f... read more
gps screen.
GPS nav

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Eastern Highlands April 25th 2015

Day 9 Apr 25 ANZAC DAY The dawn service started at 0545. Everyone wanted to get there early so they started milling around the memorial at 0500. Crazy. Kris and I spent the time packing up all the gear we could. I put a coffee on and added a generous serve of rum. I have been carrying that small bottle with me from the start, I bought it duty free at Brisbane just for the occasion of the dawn service. Gun fire breakfast is an Anzac tradition, it is done on Anzac day at dawn. The original Anzacs did exactly that knowing that they could die as they step foot on the beach so a little rum gives them a bit of dutch courage and helps to settle the nerves. I put on my old beret ... read more
2 flags
Anzac Day
Kris with coconut

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Eastern Highlands April 20th 2015

Day 3 ( April 19 ) Breakfast was interesting, I was starved without food for 2 days so I decided to use a couple of the eggs that we bought, I got out the mini fry pan and prepared myself for a treat. I tried to crack the eggs but discovered that they were hard boiled. I didn't expect that as I thought I got fresh eggs but that is what happens when you assume. As we had no need for the fry pan anymore I quickly palmed it off and gave to one of the local guys at the camp. He thought it was Christmas. Anyway the hard boiled eggs still did the job. One egg was my total fuel intake since stepping off, I managed to hold it down so it was a start. ... read more
Bath Time
Hill climb

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Eastern Highlands April 17th 2015

My heart was pounding like a sledge hammer inside my chest, and my pulse rate was over 100. My quad muscles in my legs were burning and I was saturated with sweat as I struggled up a ridiculously steep muddy incline. Traction in the slippery conditions made progress difficult. It seemed like this hill had no peak, just never ending false crests. I wanted to sit and get a brief rest to allow my pulse to recover but there was nowhere to stop and nothing but mud to sit in. I thought at that point I would never make this trip to the end. That is how i felt on the first big hill we tackled on the trek. When I checked our progress on the map I discovered that the first hill was just a ... read more
Taxi to start
Owers corner arch
Inside Tents

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Eastern Highlands » Goroka July 30th 2009

Geo: -6.08773, 145.387Up early – seemed harder to wake up to an alarm at 6am than it is to wake to the roosters. Maybe the difference is went to sleep at 9pm in the villages; maybe I just didn't sleep as hard. Any case, breakfast in the hotel, then we went to meet Shelly who took us to the airport. A longer line than what we've seen previously, but still not too bad. Through to the waiting room by 7:40am or so. And our flight to Goroka was on time, and fine (if overcast). Arriving Goroka, we were met by our guide and driver (Lincoln and Mickey) and taken the very short distance to the Bird of Paradise hotel. The hotel sits right in the centre of town – opposite the supermarket and near the banks. ... read more
Mudmen, preparing
Mudman mask
Mudman with mask

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